Emailers: December 2016

Jan 4, 2017
Spotlight Emailers

We sent out one Spotlight Emailer in the month of December, featuring a story from Ken Redding and our very first Shoot Production emailer featuring Land Rover. Check them out below:


We sent the Spotlight Emailer featuring Ken Redding out to 2,425 clients, totaling 2,217 successful deliveries. The emailer averaged an open rate of 26.3%, which is 8.2% above the Industry average! We also had an average click rate of .4%, with the emailer receiving 8 clicks.

This month we also sent out our first shoot production emailer that highlighted our producer’s shoot with Land Rover. We sent these emailers out to two different client lists that totaled 8,275 recipients where we A/B tested subject lines. The shoot production emailers totaled 7,458 successful deliveries to clients. The two emailers averaged an open rate of 26.6% and sported an average click rate of 0.8%. Subject A emailer recieved 25 clicks and subject B emailer recieved 33 clicks.

Check back next month to see what emailers we've sent in January! Remember if you have projects you'd like to share with us, reach out!

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