Relocation Package: A New Location for John Davis

Jan 23, 2017
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John Davis came to us prior to his move cross-country from Baltimore to Los Angeles. He wanted to be sure he was ready to hit the ground running when he got to sunny SoCal so he decided to have us help him prepare his brand by doing a Print Edit, Partial Web Edit, and a List Build of potential clients to target in his location.

In February of 2016, after a two week vacation in Thailand, my wife and I made the decision to relocate our family to Los Angeles. This was not something we were taking lightly. We had both been in Baltimore for over twenty years and decided it was time for a change. One of the biggest questions for me was how would my business weather this move? Enter Wonderful Machine. I had been with them for about 6 years and knew they would be instrumental in preparing my business for this enormous change. I had worked closely with their team of producers, marketing folks and designers over the years and knew they could assemble a solid plan. Lucky for me, they had something tailored to my exact needs, a Relocation Package! 

With all three of John’s consulting projects and because he moved across the country, we were able to offer him a new consulting service, our Relocation Package. With this service, if a photographer commits to three consulting services and is moving to a different market they're entitled to a discount. With his move to one of the most competitive markets on the west coast, John was smart to contact us. He now has marketing materials and a new list to introduce himself to clients in his new city. By doing this, John was able to prepare himself for sunny LA and the types of clients there as opposed to his past clientele in Baltimore. 

John Davis, Relocation Package, Web Edit, Print Edit, List Build, Los Angeles, California, Marketing, Rachel Walburn
John's sunny LA inspired homepage.

First up was his partial web edit. Our Senior Photo Editor Stacy looked at a number of his images and rearranged his site to be more specific to the types of clients he was aiming to shoot for in the City of Angels. By updating his site, he had a fresh look to go with his new home. His website now incorporates his portrait work first and a list of special corporate & educational projects he’s done, like work for Americorp and Stanford University. With roots in narrative photography, John has welcomed the brand narrative trend in the industry and has been shooting more narrative stories for his web & print portfolio.

John Davis, Relocation Package, Web Edit, Print Edit, List Build, Los Angeles, California, Marketing, Rachel Walburn
John’s site after Stacy’s web edit.

After John's partial web edit, Stacy created a stunning book that represents his work more accurately and appeals to his new client base. John expressed interest in reaching out to lifestyle and brand narrative clients that are more suited to LA, in addition to continuing his work in the education market. The difference between the LA clients and the Baltimore clients might not seem huge, but little things like changing a book slightly add up to make a big difference in how a client perceives your work.

The best thing about working with Stacy and Rachel was the collaboration. Although this was a "package" it was never cookie cutter. They wanted to know my perspective and were able to work organically based on my specific needs. I always felt like they understood the direction of my work. They did an amazing job helping me do a light re-edit my website and a complete new print portfolio edit. Because of their help I feel more confident in putting my work in front of clients and know my business will continue to grow.

With new edits to showcase his work, our last step in John's relocation package was to build him a list. Because he is new to the area, I started with a whole new client base that would be open to a photographer of his caliber. I was responsible for building his list and I concentrated on agencies and brands in the LA area that specialize in narrative story-telling and portraits. Luckily for John, there are a number of large agencies that need his brand of photography.

I look forward to a continued relationship with Wonderful Machine and know that my business will continue to grow because of their guidance.

Now equipped with an updated brand and a new list of clients to reach out to, John is ready to officially start his new career across the country and enjoy the sunshine...right in time as winter strikes the east coast! Stay tuned for more on John’s adventure in Stacy’s next blog post!

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