Analytics: August 2017

Sep 1, 2017

Summer may be drawing to an end but Wonderful Machine continues on an upward path with August's analytics. This month the website brought in a total of 17,869 sessions. That's over a thousand more sessions than we had in July!

Narrowing in on those page views and users by country, we can see that the majority of those sessions and users are still originating from The US, United Kingdom, and Canada. Our leader board this month saw some new players though, with Hungary, France, and The Philippines making an appearance in the top slots.

Up from last month, we had 9,883 searches for photographers averaging 318 searches per day. Our member photographers brought in a total of 15,249 profile views which put the average profile view at 21.

Continuing his streak from last month, photographer Fabrizio Nannini was once again leading the pack for most profile views, bringing in 151. We saw that photographers with recently updated sites took second, third and fourth. So take a nod from Richard Schmon, Caitie McCabe, and Rickett & Sones and let us know if your site has had a fresh update and we'll add you to the recently updated widget! Additionally, we saw 6,642 click-throughs to our photographers' sites. Our photographer with the most click-throughs this month was David Troyer, coming in above average with 32 and Ryan Donnell & Aaron Ricketts tying for second with 29 click-throughs to their site.

David Troyer had the most click-throughs this month, while John David Pittman took the lead with highest views to his project with Blue Door Sponsorship.

Our Wonderful Machine blog had a jump in traffic this month with 6,293 page views. You can read our Top Five Blog Posts from the month of August below:

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Ben Mostyn: The Stithian's Show


That's it for August! Keep liking, sharing, and reading the blog, and don't forget to send us your awesome projects to feature.

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