Analytics: May 2019

Jun 17, 2019

In May our website attracted 11,067 visitors, who spent 2:21 minutes on average perusing the content. We have noticed an increase in traffic driven by organic searches, while that from social media went down. By far, the most popular were blog posts featuring recent work of individual members.


Compared to May 2018, the number of sessions decreased by just more than a quarter (26.35%), as did the number of page views (23%). The bounce rate, on the other hand, went up slightly (3.6 percentage points). 

may 2019-analytics Overview


Compared to last year, more traffic is being drawn to the site by organic searches (mostly Google). At the same time, the role of e-mail and social media has diminished slightly:


Nearly two-thirds of our traffic (63 %) comes from the United States. Among the remaining countries, India ranks highest (6.4%), followed by the UK (4.37%), and Canada (3.52%).  



Photographer’s Spotlights — posts featuring recent work by our members — attract a lot of traffic. The following three were most prevalent in May:

It’s worth noting that Wade Griffith’s post, first published in early 2017, has now seen a 248% increase in traffic compared to last May. It appears that patience pays off. Google regularly evaluates the content, but it may take a while -- in this case, two years -- before a post is ranked high enough to attract a bigger audience. 

The following were the three most popular Staff Blog posts in May: