Portfolio Events: June 10, 2019

Jun 26, 2019
Portfolio Events

Earlier this month, associate producer Jack Chacon and I had a chance to present work of Wonderful Machine's photographers to Kelly Maiello Architects.

Based in Philadelphia, this award-winning firm specializes in adaptive re-use and preservation work, focusing on public projects that “respond to human needs and aspirations.” In recent years, the practice has done work for educational, civic, and cultural institutions on both large and small scales – such as convention centers, museums, schools, and bike shelters. 

After navigating some typical Philly traffic and construction, Jack and I arrived at the KMA's office on Walnut Street, where we met with Principal James Karmolinski, Architect Kathryn Babcock, and Marketing Manager Patty Whalen. As we introduced them to Wonderful Machine’s website, we showed them several ways to take advantage of our database: whether to find a local photographer specializing in historic architecture or submit a stock request when they need an aerial image.

In speaking with James and Kathy, we learned the firm already partners with a photographer to showcase their most important projects. For most of their everyday needs, though – whether illustrating a detail for a client or making a new bid shine  – they rely on stock photography. Given the scale of their architectural photo shoots, KMA usually handles the coordination on their own. So, they were also keen to learn about our production support and “Find Crew” database.

Last but not least, it was time to show some portfolios that Jack and I tugged along. James and Kathy loved paging through Andrew BuchananBrad Feinknopf, and Barry Grossman’s books. Impressed by their photography, they also appreciated the quality of prints and beautiful craftsmanship that went into the production of these portfolios

The real star of the day was Colin Lenton – a Philadelphia-based photographer who shoots portraits for corporate clients, including architectural firms. Kathryn and James even recognized a few familiar faces. Inspired by these examples, the architects mentioned they are always looking for new ways to promote their company; perhaps some staff portraits could be a way to go? Our talented photographers would surely be happy to help!

If you’re looking for photographers, production services, or want to get in touch,  call at 610 260 0200 or send us an e-mail